SCR888 Malaysia Casino Review – Updated For March 2024

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There really has never been a better time to be an online casino fan in Malaysia. The range of gaming options is absolutely enormous nowadays, and inues to grow. Not only that, but the places in which you actually play those games continue to improve. In SCR888 Malaysia, we find one of the most popular such venues for doing so right now.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the SCR888 online casino in Malaysia. We’ll cover what it is, the types of games you can play, and plenty more besides. Ultimately, we’ll tell you whether the SCR888 Malaysia casino is worth your time and money. 

SCR888 Malaysia Summary

scr888 logoIf you’ve used online casinos in other countries – like the UK, for example – things work a little differently in Malaysia. You still begin by signing up with the casino brand, such as Lucky Block or BK8. After that, however, your actual betting will usually be on a sub-site created by specialist developers. 

SCR888 Malaysia is just such a sub-site (technically, it’s a mobile app). You’ll sign up with another brand first – like BK8 – then access it from there. Your account balance, special offers, customer support and so on will all be handled by BK8. Your actual gaming, however, will be done on the Malaysia SCR888 mobile app. 

Best SCR888 Casino in Malaysia

As noted, SCR888 online in Malaysia is basically contained within a mobile app, on which you play games. It is not a fully-featured online casino, with customer service, payment options, and so on. Crucially, it also does not have its own sign up offer – instead, you’ll need to trigger the welcome offer of the casino you do pick. 

So, which larger casino should you choose, to access SCR888 Malaysia? 

Technically, you’ve got a dozen or so very good options here. For our money, however, BK8 stands head and shoulders above the rest. It’s a brilliantly well-rounded online casino, with an excellent reputation, valuable special offers, a highly intuitive interface, and plenty more besides.

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SCR888 Malaysia Sign Up Offer

If you do indeed choose BK8 through which to enjoy the Malaysia online casino SCR888, you’ll find a very tasty sign up offer waiting for you. 

Like most Malaysian brands, BK8 has a Deposit Match welcome offer in place. In this case, however, they actually have a specific deal for users of SCR888 (called ‘918Kiss’ here, for reasons we’ll explain below). This is a generous 150% match, worth up to MYR 300. 

Now that you know the basics, let’s check out the most important details of the SCR888 Malaysia free credit welcome offer on BK8. 

Minimum Deposit

There are two very important steps you must take when first signing up, if you want to successfully claim your SCR888 Malaysia free credit. Firstly, you must select the correct promo code (‘Mega & Kiss 150% Welcome Bonus’) from the dropdown menu when prompted. Secondly, you must ensure you meet the minimum deposit amount, which is MYR 50. 

Rollover Requirement

Like all such deals, this BK8 welcome offer has a rollover requirement in place. Technically, you’ll be given your SCR888 Malaysia free credit here as soon as you make your first deposit. Before actually withdrawing any winnings, however, you must complete the rollover requirement. 

This requires wagering through your bonus amount 8x. This must all be done on slots and fishing games provided by SCR888 (or Mega888, technically, since it’s bundled into the same offer). 

Time Limit

This entire welcome offer must be both claimed and completed within 30 days. That includes not only using your bonus, but completing the rollover requirement too. Fail to do so and your bonus will not only expire, but you’ll be unable to withdraw any bonus winnings. 

What is SCR888 Malaysia?

Head to a typical online casino in Malaysia (like BK8), hover over the Slots section, and you’ll see a whole series of individual brands to choose between. Each of these represents a sub-site on which high quality video slots can be played. Often, these are provided by developers like Pragmatic Play or NextSpin. Sometimes, however, they’re created by companies who simply specialise in creating these mini-casinos. 

The SCR888 casino in Malaysia falls into the latter category. SCR888 does not create its own games. Rather, it collects games from a handful of other developers into one, handy place for gamers to play. Specifically, it specialises in mobile gaming, with the SCR888 casino in Malaysia only being available via a downloadable app. 

Elsewhere, we’re afraid there isn’t a huge amount of information available on SCR888. It clearly specialises in Southeast Asian casino gaming, but we couldn’t discover how long it’s been around for. 

What we do know, however, is that SCR888 has now been rebranded to ‘918Kiss’. That’s the name it’ll come under nowadays, on Malaysian online gambling sites like BK8, but this will still take you to the SCR888 casino in Malaysia. 

Is SCR888 Malaysia Safe?

With both your personal information and your money on the line, you naturally want to feel sure that both are being protected when playing SCR888 online in Malaysia. 

Technically, of course, this isn’t so much the duty of Malaysia SCR888 itself. You’ll be creating your main account, and storing your funds, on the main casino site you opt to use. 

If you do indeed settle on BK8, as we’d recommend, then we’re happy to say that safety needn’t be a concern. Its servers are kept highly secure, with access restricted to credentialed personnel. It also features SSL encryption, powerful firewalls, and other safety features. Not only that, but it holds both a license with the Curacao government, and security certificates with several independent assessors. 

If you choose to use a different online casino for accessing Malaysia SCR888, be sure to confirm its safety credentials for yourself. In particular, look for its licenses, track record, and actual security measures. 

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How to Get Started at SCR888 Malaysia 

Getting started on Malaysia SCR888 differs slightly from doing so on a regular online casino. That said, it’s still not exactly rocket science to complete your SCR888 Malaysia register and start playing, with these being the few quick and easy steps you must take. 

Step 1 – Choose a Malaysia SCR888 Online CasinoSCR888 Malaysia - BK8

As noted earlier, quite a few of our recommended online casinos in Malaysia will let you use SCR888, including AW8, Maxim88, and UWin33. In our opinion, however, your top option here is definitely BK8. Remember that – regardless of which brand you choose – SCR888 will almost certainly be listed under its rebranded name of ‘918Kiss’.

Step 2 – Create an Account

SCR888 Malaysia - account creation

You don’t need to go through a specific SCR888 Malaysia register here. Rather, you’ll create an account with the larger online casino, then use that to access SCR888. 

(Technically, a username and password will be generated for you, once you do switch to SCR888. This happens automatically, however, requiring no input from you). 

To make that first account, just head to the home page of your chosen brand and click Register or Create Account in the top-right. Fill in your personal information and set your login details, agree to the T&Cs, and finish creating your account.

Step 3 – Make a Deposit 

SCR888 Malaysia - deposit

Before you can start playing an SCR888 slot, you’ll need some money in your account. Log in to the online casino you just signed up with, then hit the Cashier or Deposit button in the top-right. Now just pick a payment method, enter the necessary information along with a monetary value, and confirm the transaction. 

Step 4 – Make Your SCR888 Malaysia Download

SCR888 Malaysia - download

Now that your main account is ready, it’s time to actually get SCR888. To do so, just hit ‘Slots’ at the top of the page, then select 918Kiss (SCR888’s current name). If you’re on a computer, you can now scan the QR code using your mobile device. If you’re already on your device, click the download link. Either way, your SCR888 Malaysia download will now commence. 

Step 5 – Play GamesPanda Fortune slot Malaysia

After completing your SCR888 Malaysia download onto your mobile device, it’s high time to play some games. Install the app and open it up, then use your automatically-generated SCR888 Malaysia login details. You may need to head into the Cashier section now, to transfer money from your main casino account to your SCR888 one. Once that’s done, just load the game you want to play, set a stake, and start having fun. 

Step 6 – Withdraw Your Winnings

scr888 malaysia - withdrawal

Once you’ve played a few games, you’ll hopefully have some winnings to withdraw. Begin by transferring these back to your main casino account balance. You should then verify your identity by uploading clear images of two pieces of ID, such as a passport and driving license. After your identity has been confirmed, just head back to the Cashier area, select Withdraw, pick a payment method, and request your payout. 

SCR888 Malaysia Payment Methods

As in many other areas, the payment methods you use for playing SCR888 Malaysia aren’t actually down to the brand itself. Rather, they depend on the online casino you choose to use. 

If you do opt to go with BK8, as we’d advise, you’ll find a decent – if unspectacular – selection of payment options waiting for you. Naturally you can make bank transfers here, to stick MYR into your account. More intriguingly, however, you can also use cryptocurrencies to fund your betting – like bitcoin and ethereum – which offer a quicker and more anonymous alternative. 

As touched upon already, your BK8 and SCR888 balances will technically be separated. To play a SCR888 slot, you’ll need to go into the Cashier section and move some funds into your SCR888 account, then swap the money back again when it’s time to make a withdrawal. This might sound finicky, but – in practice – it’s actually very straightforward.

With all that said, here’s a quick rundown of your BK8 payment options for SCR888:

Payment Option Transaction Fees Min. Deposit Min. Withdrawal Withdrawal Times
Bank Transfer 0% MYR 20 MYR 50 25 mins (+ bank processing time)
Help2Pay 0% MYR 30 N/A N/A
Bitcoin 0% 0.01 MYR 50 (equivalent) 3 mins
Ethereum 0% 0.01 MYR 50 (equivalent) 3 mins

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SCR888 Malaysia Games Overview

It’s fair to say that SCR888 doesn’t have the widest range of gaming options on the market. Stack the selection here up against that provided by a big-time games provider like Pragmatic Play, for example, and it’s not even close. 

With that said, the cupboard still isn’t exactly bare here. SCR888 does have a respectable diversity of options, which should keep you entertained for a while at least. Let’s take a closer look at what those include. 

SCR888 Slot Games

scr888 slot - boy king's treasure While we weren’t exactly blown away by the games selection here overall, this is definitely the strongest part. Slots are the clear focus for this brand, and – if you do want to play an SCR888 online slot game – you’ve got quite a few options available to you. 

We’re happy to say these options do include a few popular Malaysian titles – including Fortune Panda and Dolphin Reef – which are provided by respected developers GameArt and Playtech respectively. Elsewhere, if you’re more interested in an SCR888 slot game with a progressive jackpot, you’ll also be well-served via titles like Boy King’s Treasure. 

Fishing Games

scr888 - fishing game

Fishing games have become increasingly popular in Malaysia in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. These games are incredibly easy to get to grips with, and – once you have – are both enjoyable and straightforward to play. 

If you fancy a break from the SCR888 slot game selection, you will find a couple of fishing games in place here to help change things up. Da Sheng Nao Hai was the best one we tried during our testing, featuring fun and colourful graphics, slick animations, and the chance to play with other real-world competitors. 

Table Games

Table games are the most traditional options that online casinos carry, which tend to do the best job of replicating the real-world casino atmosphere. While SCR888 does technically tick this box, it hardly impresses here. 

For a start, there’s a relative lack of live dealer games, which are a standard feature among bigger providers nowadays. Technically they’re still in place here, but the actual quality is far lower than what you’re probably used to. The likes of roulette and baccarat are also included as algorithm-based table games, but – again, unlike with larger brands – there’s a lack of variants within each game type. Overall, this is not SCR888’s strongest suit. 

SCR888 Malaysia Usability and Key Features

Up front, we’ll say that – from a visual perspective – SCR888 Malaysia isn’t exactly the most beautiful platform in the world. The whole appearance looks outdated, with low-pixel graphics and a pretty unattractive colour scheme. 

In fairness, however – while this detracts somewhat from the enjoyment of using the platform – it has no impact on the actual usability. SCR888 might not be a good-looking casino, but it’s one which is very straightforward to operate. The menus are laid out nice and simply, and there’s really no fluff – or any distractions at all – to keep you from getting to the actual games as fast as possible. Everything also loaded quickly enough during our testing, and we experienced no crashing or other notable bugs. 

In terms of special features… there’s really not much to report here. This is a barebones app, concentrated exclusively on letting you play games (especially slots). That’s not a bad thing, if you simply want to focus on playing an SCR888 online slot game or another title, but those looking for more bells-and-whistles should check out one of the bigger casino betting apps

SCR888 Malaysia App

All Malaysian betting brands nowadays make mobile features a priority. Those which haven’t have already been left behind. 

SCR888 has taken this to the next level, by focusing purely on mobile gamers. There’s actually no desktop available at all here, with the SCR888 app being the only way you can play this brand’s games. 

That app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and is very easy to acquire. While you won’t find it on the App Store or Google Play, you will be able to download it directly from the website of your chosen online casino. You can do so by clicking the direct download link or scanning the relevant QR code, then installing the Malaysia SCR888 app on your device. 

From a quality standpoint, as noted above, the SCR888 app won’t exactly blow you away. It’s certainly stable, however, and its streamlined approach will suit more focused bettors.

SCR888 Malaysia Support

We’ve been a bit down on SCR888 Malaysia in the previous few sections, but it certainly manages to right the ship here. In fact this is one area, at least, in which SCR888 really can compete with the much bigger and more established game providers out there. 

The most important thing to note here is that customer support is available 24/7. This is provided directly by SCR888, rather than the casino brand you’ve signed up with, which means the support will be tailored specifically towards the app. 

Pleasingly, you’re also given a good amount of choice regarding how you reach out. Live chat is available, as you’d expect, but you can also get in touch via WhatsApp, Telegram, and WeChat. 

SCR888 Malaysia Pros and Cons

As you’ll hopefully have noticed, we’re not trying to simply ‘sell’ you on SCR888 Malaysia in this review. Rather, we’ve tried to provide a balanced, neutral view throughout, detailing both the strengths and weaknesses of this casino game provider. Below, you can check out the most important examples in each category at a glance. 


  • Available on Plenty of Online Casinos

Considering it’s hardly a household name, we were pleasantly surprised by how many online casinos have partnered with SCR888 Malaysia. At least a dozen top brands have done so, including BK8, AW8, ME88, and more.

  • Streamlined Experience

SCR888 certainly isn’t feature-packed, but – for many bettors – this will be a blessing. There’s little here to distract you from the business of betting, with the streamlined interface letting you dive straight into the action. 

  • Straightforward Installation Process

Getting started on SCR888 Malaysia could hardly be easier, regardless of your experience level. Whichever online casino you go with, you’ll find it extremely straightforward to download, install, and start using this app. 


  • User Interface

While it is pleasingly streamlined, the interface on SCR888 Malaysia could definitely still be updated. Of course the games are the most important thing here, but the app’s dull colour scheme and lacklustre graphics detract somewhat from the experience. 

  • Variety of Gaming Options

While the gaming selection isn’t bad, it’s not great either. There are quite a few good SCR888 slot game options to choose from, but the live dealer choices aren’t the best, and there’s a general lack of variety. 

Our Verdict on SCR888 Malaysia 

Modern-day punters in Malaysia have a huge amount of choice available to them, whether they’re interested in sports betting or online casinos. In the latter case, the list of gaming options is basically limitless, and – in this article – we’ve evaluated one of the many providers who will help you enjoy those games. 

SCR888 Malaysia isn’t perfect, by any means, as we’ve highlighted in this review. The gaming selection is hardly enormous, and the interface should definitely be updated to enhance the overall experience. 

With that said, there’s still plenty to like about this games provider. There’s a nice selection of slots to enjoy, and high quality fishing titles too. The app is also nicely-streamlined, and the SCR888 Malaysia customer support is excellent. Crucially, SCR888 has also partnered with some of the very best online casinos in Malaysia. 

Overall then, while SCR888 Malaysia isn’t the most thrilling casino app on the market, it’s a solid, no-nonsense option which will keep you entertained for a decent amount of time. There’s certainly enough here to justify signing up with BK8, grabbing your welcome bonus, hopping over to the SCR888 section, and trying this app out for yourself.

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