Asian Handicap Betting in Malaysia: Top Asian Handicap Bookies & Offers

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What follows is your complete guide to having betting with Asian handicap explained in Malaysia. In many sports betting countries around the globe, straight betting is the standard form of sports betting. With straight betting, you bet on a team to win or lose, or (if ties are possible) for the game to finish tied. Handicap betting is where one team is given an artificial handicap, and is the preferred form of sports betting in the country.

Best online betting Malaysia sites that are international also offer sports betting opportunities with Asian handicap betting available, so that people from anywhere can place wagers on Asian handicap betting options on any sporting event.

This article will explain in full what Asian handicap betting is, how to place Asian handicap bets, and how to get the most out of your Asian handicap betting. It will also tell you which sites we feel are the best at which to place your wagers on your Asian handicap predictions.

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How We Ranked The Top Asian Handicap Betting Sites

So, we have now given you our complete list of the best ten gambling sites in Malaysia for Asian handicap betting. You may already be asking yourself how we have come up with our top ten list. Why do we reward certain sports betting and casino sites Malaysia has to offer with a place towards the top of our list, and why are other sites relegated towards the bottom? And why are certain sites not on our top ten list at all.

Below you will find a list of some of the most important criteria we look for when we decide upon our ranking for the best ten online gambling sites in Malaysia where Asian handicap betting is available.

  • Range of Markets – If you know anything about Asian handicap betting, then you will know that the majority of Asian handicap betting opportunities are restricted to football. We do, however, champion sites where other handicap systems are available on sports such as tennis, baseball, basketball, American football and ice hockey.
  • Reputation – There are a lot of scam gambling sites available to people in Malaysia. Some of them even mimic existing sites and get you to sign up and deposit money. Once your money has been deposited you will never see it again! This happened because running a sports betting site in Malaysia is illegal, so all betting brands are not based in the country and are therefore outside of all internal Malaysia laws.All the sites listed in our top ten list are legitimate and have stellar reputations. To keep yourself away from scam and clone sites, only use the links that we have supplied here to reach each site that you want to visit.
  • Odds – You get better odds with Asian handicaps than you do with straight betting, however, the odds at some sites are much more beneficial than at others. When we curate our top ten list, we review the Asian handicaps given at each site for a specific events, and given precedence for the sites which offer punters the most beneficial odds. We also like sites that help out by having an Asian handicap calculator available.

Bonuses and Promotions

We like sports betting bonuses – who doesn’t? When we see a site with a bonus we don’t though just get all giggly. We review the terms of the bonus to make sure it is worth the ringgits it says it is. Therefore, we champion sites that offer fair bonuses.

We also like sites that do not just offer bonuses as a potential lure for new customers. Regular patrons should be rewarded too with a steady stream of decent promotions as a reward for their patronage.

Betting With Asian Handicap Explained

In the most basic terms possible, Asian handicap betting is a method of placing wagers that is popular in many Asian countries and is mostly used on soccer or football matches (although it is available on a few other sports). In the US there is a similar betting system called ‘the spread’ which is much more limited.

With Asian handicap betting one team in a contest is given an artificial handicap. The handicap is added to the favoured team with the aim of leveling the playing field a little, and making it harder to predict the winner of the contest. The handicapped team is given a minus (-) symbol, and the non-handicapped team (which in effect is given an advantage) is given a plus (+) symbol. At the end of the contest, the handicap (either positive or negative) is applied to the team you backed.

Here you can see an example at our top site for an Asian handicap Bet365.

Bet365 asian handicap betting page screen

Above you will find the Asian handicap Bet365 lines for the EFL Cup tie in England between West Ham United and Manchester City. The main Asian handicap available is for -1/+1, but most other possible and reasonable handicaps are available. If you decide to back West Ham at odds of 2.07 in the tie, then when the match concludes, one goal would be added to their score. If you decide to back Manchester City for the tie at odds of 1.83, then one goal would be substracted from their score. Just as a comparison, the normal non-handicap odds for this tie were West Ham at 7.00, and Manchester City at 1.45.

Say as one of your Asian handicap predictions you back West Ham with RM100. They would either need to win or draw for your bet to be a winning one. If they lose by a single goal then the handicap score would be a tie and your stake would be returned to you. Should they lose by two goals or more though, then you would lose your stake. If you had a winning bet, your return would be RM207.

Alternatively, say you backed Manchester City with RM100. City would have to win the tie by two clear goals in order for you bet to be a winning one. If they only won by a single goal, then the handicap score would be a draw and your stake would be returned to you. For a winning bet, you would be returned RM183.

Bet365 alternative asian handicap betting section screen

You do not have to accept the main Asian handicap Bet365 offers if you do not want to, and as you can see, a full list of potential handicaps are always available. If you wanted to, for example, you could back West Ham with a handicap of -0.5 at odds of 5.75. This would mean at the end of the game, half a goal would be removed from West Ham’s score. You may be asking yourself how can you subtract ‘half’ a goal? The answer is that in reality you can’t, but in the artificial world of the Asian handicap the use of ‘half goals’ is the remove a potential draw from any outcomes. If you back West Ham with a handicap of -0.5 and the final score is 2-2, then the handicap score is 1.5-2 and your bet is a losing one.

As you can see from the image, some Asian handicap lines have two values. This means that if you accept the bet, you are betting on two outcomes. In our example above, you could bet on West Ham having and advantage of 0 at odds of 4.50, or an advantage of +0.5 at odds of 2.60. You could also, if you wish, back BOTH outcomes at odds of 3.30. This means that if West Ham win or draw, your bet would be a winning one. The ‘0’ when applied to a win or draw would have no effect, but the +0.5 when added would render a draw into a West Ham win, meaning your bet becomes a winning one.

You may also, very occasionally, see handicaps given with quarter goals. You will of course immediately ask yourself what is the point of taking a quarter of a goal off a final scoreline? The answer perhaps is not what you might think it to be. A handicap with a quarter goal simply indicates that this bet covers two bets, which half your stake going on the handicap minus quarter of a goal, and the other half going on the handicap plus quarter of a goal.

For an example of this, say we bet RM100 on a handicap of -0.75. This means that we are betting RM50 on a handicap of -0.5, and RM50 on a handicap of -1. Such handicaps though are rare with Asian handicaps, but they are used on other handicapping systems when it comes to sports betting.

Asian Handicap Betting Examples

We are now going to work through a few Asian handicap betting examples, using a fictitious match between Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Real Madrid +0.00 Barcelona -0.00

This just basically means that there is no handicap, and the match result is used to determine the outcome of the handicap bet.

Real Madrid -0.25 Barcelona +0.25

This covers two bets – one on the match result (handicap -0/+0) and one on the handicap -0.5/+0.5. Half you stake will go on one bet, and half on the other. If you back Real Madrid, then they would have to win in order for both sides of your bet to win. If they drew, half your stake would be returned for the -0/+0 bet, and your other half lost.

Real Madrid -0.5 Barcelona +0.5

This is a single bet. Barcelona would only need to draw to win the bet (as a 1-1 scoreline would generate a handicap scoreline of 1-1.5), but Real Madrid would have to win (as a 1-1 draw (for example) would create a handicap scoreline of 0.5-1).

Real Madrid -0.75 Barcelona +0.75

Another bet that covers two bets – one on a handicap of -0.5/+0.5, and another on the handicap of -1/+1. If you back Real Madrid, then they have to win by two goals for both halves of your bet to be a winner. Should they win by a single goal, then the -1/+1 half of your bet will see your half-stake returned to you (your other half wins). If Real Madrid draw or lose, then both sides of your bet lose.

Real Madrid -1 Barcelona +1

Another single bet. If you back Real Madrid then they must win by two goals for your bet to be a winning one. Should they win by one goal, your stake is returned. If they draw or lose, then your bet becomes a losing one. If you back Barcelona, then they only need to draw for your bet to win. Should they lose by a single goal, then your stake is returned. If they lose by more than a single goal, then your bet loses.

Asian Handicap Odds Explained

Asian handicap odds are usually given as decimal odds. To work out your potential return from an Asian handicap bet, just multiple the odds by your stake. A RM100 stake at odds of 1.50 will return you RM150, for example (this includes the return of your stake). If you are unsure, most sites will have an Asian handicap calculator so you can work out your potential returns.

Converting from Malaysian odds to decimal odds is very easy. If the Malaysian odds are positive, you just add one. If they are negative (and this is a little trickier) you remove the negative sign, divide one by the odds and then add one. See below for examples of Asian handicap odds.

Positive Odds

Malaysian: +1.25 = (1.25 + 1) Decimal: 2.25

Negative Odds

Malaysian: -1.25 = ((1 ÷ 1.25) + 1) Decimal: 1.80

Five Key Tips to Winning Asian Handicap Bets

You may now consider yourself to be a bit of an expert on Asian handicap betting and are keen to get your bets on your Asian handicap predictions. However, before you do so we recommend you take a look at our best five Asian betting tips, as listed below.

  • Stick to what you know – Don’t go placing Asian handicaps bets on tournaments and matches you are not familiar with.
  • Don’t get swayed by big odds – Odds with Asian handicaps are usually better than on non-handicaps, but don’t get charmed by big odds. Big odds are big odds for a reason!
  • Bet little, not large – Keep your stakes to reasonable limits. Don’t risk huge amount of ringgits just because you think the odds are severely in your favour as upsets happen!
  • Use Asian Handicaps to back underdogs – all forms of handicaps are designed to level the playing field. It is usually more worth your while backing the underdog than the favourites, but make sure you do your research.
  • Ignore the ‘Draw No Bet’ wager – The ‘draw no bet’ wager eradicates the draw, but makes the odds tighter. It’s better if you use Asian handicaps if you want to remove the potential of a draw from the equation.

What Other Types of Handicap Bets Are There?

Backing a team to win once a handicap has been applied is the main type of handicap bet available, but there are others. Here were look at a few others that are less commonly found, but still available to be bet upon.

Non-Asian Handicap Betting

You may see a site that offers handicap betting and Asian handicap betting. You may ask yourself, what’s the difference? Well, there is a difference and it’s an important one! With Asian handicaps, a draw is considered a push (i.e. if a handicap is applied and the ‘result’ is a draw then your stake is returned to you). If a handicap is not an Asian handicap, then a drawn result once the handicap is applied is considered a loss.

Goal Line

A goal line Asian handicap soccer bet is similar to over/under (usually 2.5). You will be offered a handicap total (usually two values) and a price. Either your full wager goes on the single total, or your wager is split over the two values.

Say you are offered over 2.5, 3.0 and bet RM100. RM50 will go on under 2.5 goals, and RM50 will go on under 3 goals. If there are 0, 1 or 2 goals, then both sides of your bet win. Should there be 3 goals then one side of your bet loses, and the other side is pushed. If there are more than 3 goals then both sides lose.

1st Half/2nd Half

Some sites will offer handicaps but only on each half of a game of football. The handicap is then applied at the end of the first half. For the less common second half handicap, the score at the start of the second half is considered to be 0-0, no matter the actual score of the game. The handicap then applies to goals scored in the second half only.

Best Sports to Bet on for Asian Handicap in Malaysia

Asian handicap soccer betting is the number one passion for which such handicaps are available. Indeed, Asian handicaps are only really available on football betting, mainly because they make a tied game (after a handicap has been applied) a push as opposed to a loss, and football is one of the few sports globally where ties are not broken via extra time or some other tie-breaking method. Asian handicap soccer betting is therefore extremely popular.

Other sports are available though where handicaps (just not Asian handicaps) can be applied.

American Sports

Americans really only bet on handicaps, or ‘the spread’ as it is known. Straight betting in US sports is practically unheard of.

In US betting the odds are usually fixed at +110 and -110. This is equivalent to 2.10 and 1.90 in decimal odds. The handicap (or spread) is then adjusted to reflect those odds. The skill of the bettors comes with backing the favourite or underdog, depending ‘on the spread’.

American football and basketball are the two most popular sports for handicap or spread-betting in the US, but betting on baseball, ice hockey and soccer is popular too.


Tennis is another sport where handicap betting is available. Unlike other form of sports betting though, tennis handicap betting is entirely fictitious in the way that the handicap is applied. As you may know, scoring in tennis is a little complicated with points, games and sets. With handicap betting, sets are ignored and only games count, so if Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer 7-5, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3, the final score for handicapping purposes is 22-18 (number of games won). This creates an oddity in that should Ashleigh Barty beat Naomi Osaka 7-6, 0-6, 7-5, Osaka would have actually won the most games (17 to 14).

Tennis handicaps work in much the same was as football handicaps in that one player is given a positive handicap, and the other a negative handicap. You then have to work out which player will win with the handicap applied.

Other Sports

Other sports are less popular with handicap bettors, but you should be able to find handicap markets on them at certain sports books. The list of sports will include darts, futsal, rugby league, rugby union, snooker and table tennis.

The Final Word on Asian Handicap Betting in Malaysia

If you really know your sports and in particular, if you really know your football you could become a really successful sports bettor with Asian Handicap betting. You will not only get better odds with Asian handicap betting, but you will also get the extra benefit of a drawn game being considered a ‘push’ and having your stake returned to you. Always chosen Asian Handicap betting over non-Asian handicap betting for this reason.

We hope that by having betting with an Asian handicap explained you are now both informed and inspired, and we wish you luck with your Asian handicap betting endeavours at our recommended gambling sites.

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Asian Handicap Betting in Malaysia FAQs

[Q1]Why are some Asian handicap options on football given as +0.25? How can a team score a quarter of a goal?[/Q1] [A1]They can’t. This is two bets in one – half your stake goes on the handicap of +0, and half your stake on the handicap of +0.5. This is just how such bets are written. You may also see such a bet written as +0, +0.5.[/A1] [Q2]What is the difference between Asian handicaps and other handicaps?[/Q2] [A2]With Asian handicaps a draw is a push (your stake is returned). With other handicaps a draw is considered a loss unless you backed the draw.[/A2] [Q3]Can I back several Asian handicaps on the same event?[/Q3] [A3]Yes you can. You can place as many Asian handicap bets on the same event as you want.[/A3] [Q4]Is betting on the spread is the US the same as Asian handicap betting?[/Q4] [A4]No quite, but they are practically the same. US spread handicaps usually eradicate the draw, but on some occasions a tied result is still possible. Like Asian handicap betting, in betting on the spread a tie is considered a push.[/A4][Q5]When the result becomes known, do I apply the Asian handicap to both competitors?[/Q5][A5]No, you only apply the Asian Handicap to the competitors that you backed. For example, if you back a home team to win at -0.5 and the final score is 1-1, then the handicap score is 0.5-1, not 0.5-1.5.[/A5]