M8Bet Malaysia Review 2024 – Odds, Markets & Promotions Reviewed

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Despite a relatively unfavourable legal situation, sports betting in Malaysia remains popular. Online players have plenty of great brands who are happy to accept them, but – if you’ve tried out a few of these – you’ll have noticed that many of them use the same actual sportsbooks. M8Bet Malaysia is one of the most common examples.

In this M8Bet review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this popular sportsbook. We’ll analyse the M8Bet sports markets, offers, special features and more, and – ultimately – tell you whether the M8Bet sportsbook is worth your time and money.

Best Malay SPortsbooks Powered By M8 BET
12Play Malaysia offer logo

Exclusive Welcome Credit MYR12 + 150% Welcome Bonus Offer

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uea8 Malaysia offer logo

100% Welcome Sportsbook Bonus Up To MYR 300

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AW8 Malaysia offer logo

150 % up to 1500 MYR

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The Best M8Bet Sportsbooks in Malaysia

  1. 12Play – Our #1 Choice for M8Bet Sports Betting in Malaysia
  2. AW8 – An Incredibly International Option
  3. UEA8 – Best Selection of Payment Methods for M8Bet Betting


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Who is M8Bet?

m8bet logo

If you’ve used a few different online gambling sites in Malaysia, you might have noticed something. While the branding, special offers, and so on are different, the actual sportsbooks are the same. That’s because these are created by software providers, rather than the brands themselves, who ‘white label’ the platform to brands.

The M8Bet sportsbook is a perfect example. You’ll find it on all three of our recommended brands, but – in each case – the M8Bet online sportsbook in Malaysia itself will be identical. The markets, odds, and so on will all be the same. There are several other popular sportsbooks out there in Malaysia which work in the same way.

The M8Bet online sportsbook in Malaysia, specifically, is created by Gamingsoft. Marketing itself as ‘Asia’s premiere iGaming service provider’, Gamingsoft offers both the M8Bet sports betting site and casino games (not technically housed in a M8Bet casino), both in Malaysia and elsewhere around the region.

M8Bet Sports Betting Sites Reviewed

Compared to some of the other white-label sportsbooks out there, not a huge number of Malaysian brands use the M8Bet sports betting site. That said, you do still have three excellent choices, which you can learn more about below.

1. 12Play – Our #1 Choice for M8Bet Sports Betting in Malaysia (100% Deposit Bonus Up To MYR 588)

M8bet - 12Play

12Play is a sports betting site with versions for Malaysian, Singaporean, and international punters. With both English and Chinese versions of the site available too, this is a truly global platform.

Naturally, the M8Bet online sports betting site is featured here and sits alongside those of Saba Sports and CMD368. 12Play backs this up with a series of both deposit bonuses and profit boost special offers, and you can  get a cash rebate of up to 1% on your turnover. Add in 24/7 live chat support and a downloadable mobile app, and it’s easy to see why 12Play is our number one site for M8Bet sports betting in Malaysia.


  • Several deposit bonuses
  • Cashback deal on turnover.
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Not the widest variety of ongoing promotions


2. AW8 – An Incredibly International Option (100% Welcome Sports Bonus Up To MYR 800)

m8bet malaysia review - aw8

12Play certainly qualifies as an international betting site, as previously noted, but AW8 takes things to a whole other level. There are a whopping nine different versions of this sportsbook available, with the languages ranging from English and Malay, through to Chinese, Khmer and Vietnamese. If you require a specific language for your M8Bet online sports betting, therefore, AW8 is an excellent choice.

The M8Bet online sports betting site is one of four available on the AW8 platform. This brand is also licensed by the Filipino regulatory body, and holds multiple security certificates, meaning it definitely qualifies as a reliable platform.


  • Available in a wide range of languages
  • Safe and secure platform for placing an M8Bet bet
  • Solid loyalty program available


  • Interface could be modernised


3. UEA8 – Best Selection of Payment Methods for M8Bet Betting (100% Match, Up to MYR 300)

m8bet malaysia review - uea8

As with our other two recommended brands, UEA8 allows you the chance to place a M8Bet bet in a few different languages. Aside from English, you can access this site in Malay, Chinese, and Thai. More excitingly, it also has the best range of payment methods on this list, including coverage of multiple cryptocurrencies.

Elsewhere, UEA8 is licensed and regulated by PAGCOR, and holds a few security licenses. It has a decent range of M8Bet offers – including deposit and rebate deals – plus a nice VIP program, solid mobile features, and 24/7 customer support.


  • Excellent range of payment options
  • Very good VIP program
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • More ongoing promotions available elsewhere


M8Bet Sportsbooks Compared

We’ve already identified the three best sites on which you can place an M8Bet bet. To a large extent, all of these brands qualify as solid all-rounders. Each also has its own particular strengths when it comes to placing M8Bets, however, and we’ve compared the trio in some of the most important areas of all below.

Brand Welcome Offer Mobile Apps Malay Language 24/7 Support
12Play 100% Deposit Bonus Up To MYR 588 Android fa_shield fa_shield
AW8 100% Welcome Sports Bonus Up To MYR 800 Android, iOS fa_shield fa_shield
UEA8 100% Match, Up to MYR 300 Android, iOS fa_shield fa_shield

How to Choose the Best M8Bet Betting Site in Malaysia

As part of this M8Bet review, we’ve already narrowed your betting site options down to just three. Your next step, naturally, is to find the perfect option for your needs. Below, we’ve listed five key criteria to use when choosing where to place your M8Bets.

  • Safety

There’s a good chance that – before reading this M8Bet review – you hadn’t heard of the brands we’ve recommended. In such circumstances, your first concern will naturally be whether your funds and personal data will be looked-after.

There are two main ways to check this. The first is to confirm that the brand has at least one betting license, with that from PAGCOR – the Filipino regulatory body – being popular in Malaysia. The second is the actual security measures that are in place, or – if you fail to find such detail – evidence of third-party security certificates.

  • Special Offers

M8Bet free bet offers aren’t just there for show. When used correctly, they can have a tremendous and positive impact on your betting success.

Your first port of call should obviously be the M8Bet welcome offer that’s in place, which can give your new account an excellent kick-start. After that, be sure to check out the ongoing promotions, which will be relevant to you far longer than the sign up deal will. In both cases, you should look beyond the headline figure of the offer, instead analysing the value it represents when all the T&Cs are taken into account.

  • Customer Support

Use any single site to place M8Bets for long enough, and you’ll encounter a problem sooner or later. That will always be the case, whatever sportsbook you use, but the important thing is that you can get your issue addressed as quickly as effectively as possible.

We’d recommend analysing two things here. The first is the contact options that are available, which should include at least one direct method like M8Bet live chat. The second is the coverage hours for that support, with 24/7 obviously being ideal.

  • Features for M8Bet Mobile Betting in Malaysia

On-the-go betting is enormously popular nowadays, with many Malaysian punters preferring it over using their laptop or desktop computer. As such, the inclusion of mobile features for any site facilitating M8Bets is extremely important.

Ideally, the brand will provide an actual, downloadable M8Bet app. In this case, you should check that it’s available on either iOS or Android, depending on which device you have. If there isn’t an M8Bet app available, be sure to load up the mobile version of the main website, and check the quality of the M8Bet mobile betting in Malaysia it enables.

  • Payment Options

Whether you want to take M8Bet mobile in Malaysia, or use the traditional desktop version, you obviously need at least one suitable way to fund your account.

The likes of debit card and bank transfer will basically always be available here. After that though, there can be a little more variety. Some brands facilitate payments via the likes of Grab Pay, while others will let you use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum. Ultimately, the priority is to find a brand offering payment options that are suitable for your particular needs, while still keeping transaction speeds fast and fees to an absolute minimum.

M8Bet App in Malaysia

The rise of mobile technology had a huge impact on the betting industry. Nowadays, punters around the world – including in Malaysia – love having the flexibility of being able to place wagers wherever and whenever they please using mobile betting apps.

If you fall into this category too, we’re pleased to say that there is indeed an M8Bet app. This is provided directly by Gamingsoft, and lets you enjoy exactly the same betting markets – and place the same wagers – as you would on the desktop version. Better yet, the app for M8Bet mobile betting in Malaysia is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Elsewhere, each of the brands listed in this article also provides its own downloadable mobile apps. You can use these to claim M8Bet offers from the actual bookie, then place your wagers on M8Bet itself.

Is M8Bet a Trusted Betting Site Software Provider in 2024?

It’s not exactly a wild statement to guess that you haven’t heard of this platform before, either for M8Bet mobile betting in Malaysia or for placing desktop wagers. The security of your money and personal information, therefore, will obviously be one of your first concerns.

To a large extent, this area doesn’t fall into M8Bet’s jurisdiction. As noted, Gamingsoft are simply providing a white label sportsbook to other brands, such as the trio we’ve recommended here. Both your personal information and funds will be stored with the betting site itself, rather than with M8Bet.

Gamingsoft is an established company with a respectable track record, and certainly appears trustworthy. By extension, M8Bet is also a reliable place to wager. If you’re concerned about player safety, however, it’s far more relevant to investigate the security measures, certificates, and licenses held by the actual brands you’re interested in.

M8Bet Offers and Promotions Overview

While there are certainly M8Bet offers out there, these are not actually set by M8Bet itself, nor by Gamingsoft. Instead, they are created by the actual betting brands.

Brands will create two main types of promotion.

Firstly, they will put an M8Bet welcome offer in place. This will invariably take the form of a ‘deposit match’, in which your first deposit is matched in the form of a M8Bet free bet. Do be aware, however, that you’ll need to complete a rollover requirement before withdrawing any M8Bet free bet winnings.

Secondly, you’ll find ongoing promotions. These can be triggered repeatedly, and will serve you long after the M8Bet welcome offer has finished. Common examples include rebate deals (which refund your losses), profit boosts, and reload bonuses (which match your continuing deposits with a brand).

Ongoing promotions might prove more useful in the long term, but an M8Bet sign up offer will provide you with a far bigger bonus. Below, you can see how each M8Bet sign up offer from our recommended brands compares.

Brand M8Bet Sign Up Offer Wagering Requirement Minimum Odds Time Frame
12Play 100% Deposit Bonus Up To MYR 588 25x 1/2 30 Days
AW8 100% Welcome Sports Bonus Up To MYR 800 12x N/A 30 Days
UEA8 100% Match, Up to MYR 300 12x N/A 30 Days

M8Bet Odds and Value

If you’re considering M8Bet mobile betting in Malaysia, or simply using the traditional desktop version, odds will naturally be one area of concern. That’s perfectly natural, since – if the prices provided by a sportsbook are unfairly low – you’ll always have an automatic cap on your potential winnings.

We’re pleased to say this isn’t an issue with M8Bet. The odds here are highly competitive, and are certainly in line with those you’ll get from M8Bet’s main competitors, such as CMD368 and Saba Sports. The overrounds are generally kept to reasonable levels, and the live betting odds are particularly fair, offering a fair reflection on the latest goings-on. In addition, many brands offering M8Bet mobile betting in Malaysia will also provide profit boosts to further increase the value represented by these odds.

M8Bet Review

We’ve already provided a fair amount of information on taking M8Bet mobile in Malaysia, or using the regular desktop platform. Below though, you’ll find breakdowns of three more key areas of the sportsbook.


It goes without saying that – ideally – you want a sportsbook to feel user-friendly from the very first time you log on. And, generally speaking, this is indeed the case with M8Bet.

It’s fair to say that M8Bet isn’t the best-looking sportsbook in the world. The colour scheme and text are fairly bland, and there are no graphics whatsoever. What it lacks in style, however, it makes up for in substance. All major sections are easily accessible from a single menu, and finding the market you want, then actually placing your wager, are both extremely easy to do.

Special Features

Considering it’s relatively little-known, M8Bet actually has a decent amount of special features available.

Live betting tools are indeed in place, which we’ll investigate shortly. In addition, you’ll find statistics to help inform your betting, several different odds formats, mobile apps, and a degree of customisation in the layout. The platform can also be accessed in multiple languages, with wagers available in a variety of currencies, and both live streaming and ‘live cast’ options are available.

Live Betting Tools

Live betting is enormously popular nowadays, and gives punters access to a whole big area of opportunities they’d never get pre-match.

We’re pleased to say that this is an area in which M8Bet truly excels. Live markets are split off into their very own section on the sportsbook, making them easy to browse. The list of live matchups is enormous, giving you a constant stream of betting opportunities, and there’s a nice variety in the available bet types too (including handicap betting). Elsewhere, the odds are generally fair, and both the bet placement and cash out tools are highly-responsive.

What Sports Betting Options Does the M8Bet Sportsbook Offer?

Special features and offers are all well and good, but ultimately every sportsbook lives and dies on its betting options. We can’t really say that M8Bet excels in this respect, but the selection is certainly good enough to get the job done.

For starters, it’s worth noting that M8Bet does a great job of covering the world’s biggest betting market – football. At the time of writing, there were a mighty 1,500+ matchups being covered, with the range of bet types – both pre-match and in-play – being impressive. Elsewhere, M8Bet also impresses with its markets for tennis, basketball, and eSports, with the likes of ice hockey, volleyball, and boxing also being represented.

That said, this certainly isn’t the widest market selection in the world. Fewer than 20 sports are covered in total, which is fewer than you’d find on M8Bet’s competitors. There are also a couple of notable absences in the collection, including horse racing and badminton.

How to Get Started with a M8Bet Betting Site

If you’ve only tried ‘all in one’ platforms before, using M8Bet might take a little getting used to, since you need to sign up to a separate site before you actually use it. That said, it’s still not exactly rocket science, with these being the few steps you must take to get started.

Step 1 – Pick a Betting Sitem8bet malaysia review - 12play accounts

Before doing anything else, you must select the betting site you wish to use. We’ve provided you with three great options at the top of this page, with 12Play being our number one overall pick.

Step 2 – Create an Account

m8bet malaysia - sign up

Head to the homepage of your chosen site, then seek out the Sign Up or Join Now button, usually found in the top-right corner. Provide all the necessary personal information, set your username and password, then finish creating your account.

Step 3 – Make a Deposit

m8bet malaysia - deposits

Use your login details to access your new account, then head to the cashier area using a button typically located towards the top-right of your screen. Pick from the available deposit options, enter the requisite payment details along with a deposit amount, and confirm the transaction.

Step 4 – Access M8Bet

m8bet malaysia - placing bets

With your betting site account funded, you can now head for M8Bet. Clicking the Sports button along the top menu of the site should show you the sportsbooks which are available with that brand. Naturally, you should select M8Bet here.

Step 5 – Place Wagers

Once M8Bet has loaded, you can browse the list of markets using the left-hand menu, as you would on any sportsbook. Find the sport, matchup, and bet type you’re interested in, click the corresponding odds to add that selection to your betslip, set a stake, and place the wager. Then, simply repeat the process as many times as you please.

M8Bet Payment Methods

As we’ve explained, M8Bet is strictly a sports betting platform – not a fully-featured sportsbook. As such, you don’t use it directly to make deposits or withdrawals. Instead, you use the full sportsbook – whether it be 12Play or any other brand – for wallet management.

All three of our recommended M8Bet sportsbooks will let you use traditional methods like bank transfer and debit card. In addition though, you may be given the chance to use eWallets (which tend to be faster), and cryptocurrencies (which offer increased anonymity). Do be aware, however, that certain payment methods will often be incompatible with a brand’s welcome offer.


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M8Bet Pros and Cons

We’ve attempted to provide a balanced view throughout this M8Bet review, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. Below, you can quickly check out the key examples in each case.

What We Like:

  • Special Features

Considering it’s not necessarily a premium sportsbook, M8Bet packs in a whole lot of features. These include live betting tools, streaming, statistics, M8Bet live chat, and much more.

  • Multi-Language

The entire M8Bet platform is available in English. Thai and Vietnamese are also included by default, while many betting sites will also support Chinese and Malay.

  • Mobile Apps

When it comes to sheer convenience, nothing beats using an app. Taking M8Bet mobile in Malaysia is easy, thanks to downloadable iOS and Android apps which replicate the functionality of the desktop site in full.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Usability

Visually, M8Bet isn’t exactly a ‘looker’, but it’s straightforward enough to use. What may slow down some punters, however, is interfacing between this and the sportsbook they’re using, particularly when it comes to swapping account balances around.

  • Market Selection

The market selection on M8Bet isn’t bad, by any means. There are certainly notable absences, however, such as horse racing, and you’ll find more options on some of its competitors.

M8Bet Online Casino

We’ve focused almost exclusively on the sportsbook so far in this review. In part, that’s technically because there is no specific M8Bet casino. Gamingsoft does have live casino games, slots, and so on, but these are provided separately to betting sites.

That said, even if they don’t have an actual M8Bet casino online in place, all of our recommended brands do still have casino sections. These house traditional and live dealer table games, video slots, fishing games, video poker, and more. As such, even without an official M8Bet casino, you can still enjoy both M8Bet sports markets and casino games within the same overall website.

Our Recommended Sportsbook Powered by M8Bet

M8Bet Malaysia isn’t a do-it-all betting site, as we’ve made clear throughout this article. Rather – like most such platforms in Malaysia – it is purely a sportsbook, which is provided to larger betting sites by Gamingsoft.

It’s got plenty of rivals in this space, but – generally speaking – competes well with them. The betting market selection isn’t the widest, but still covers most of the major bases, and it’s straightforward enough to use. The odds are also highly-competitive, and there’s a nice range of special features. If you’d like to give M8Bet Malaysia a try for yourself, we’d recommend grabbing 12Play’s excellent 100% deposit match welcome offer now.

Best Malay SPortsbooks Powered By M8 BET
12Play Malaysia offer logo

Exclusive Welcome Credit MYR12 + 150% Welcome Bonus Offer

5 Stars Visit Site
uea8 Malaysia offer logo

100% Welcome Sportsbook Bonus Up To MYR 300

5 Stars Visit Site
AW8 Malaysia offer logo

150 % up to 1500 MYR

5 Stars Visit Site


M8Bet Malaysia FAQs

[Q0]Where can I download the M8Bet mobile app in Malaysia?[/Q0][A0]All three of our chosen M8Bet brands have their own mobile apps. In each case, these can be downloaded directly from the website by scanning a QR code. [/A0][Q1]What is the best M8Bet sportsbook in Malaysia?[/Q1][A1]We’ve listed three excellent choices in this article. 12Play is our top overall pick, but the other pair will also provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience. [/A1][Q2]What sports can I bet on at M8Bet?[/Q2][A2]While there is technically no M8Bet casino online, there are plenty of sports betting markets. These include football, tennis, motorsports, boxing and more, although horse racing is not provided. [/A2][Q3]Is M8Bet a safe site to place sports bets in 2024?[/Q3][A3]Yes. Gamingsoft is a legitimate company, and all of our recommended bookies have both betting licenses and security certificates. [/A3][Q4]Is there an M8Bet online casino?[/Q4][A4]Technically, there is no M8Bet online casino in place – M8Bet casino online games are provided by Gamingsoft on a separate basis. All of our recommended sites do carry casino games, though. [/A4][Q5]Are there any M8Bet promo codes available?[/Q5][A5]Yes. The welcome offers for both AW8 and UEA8 require M8Bet promo codes, which can be found within the promotions area on each sportsbook. [/A5]